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Shopify is one of the most famous website platforms as of the moment. And if you’re wondering why this is so, we listed down five of the top reasons why Shopify is your best choice when building your own website, according to a best internet marketing consultant.

It’s user-friendly and easy-to-navigate.

Shopify is Easy to Use.

First and foremost, Shopify is probably the easiest website platform there is. It allows users to quickly build and design their own websites without the need to code anything. All technical stuff like the website’s security, speed, and hosting are built-in and handled by professionals. Shopify also takes care of the shopping cart and payments and even offers plugins that allow users to provide products from other e-commerce stores like Alibaba.

Another great thing about Shopify is that it has an easy back-end admin navigation, which allows the website owner to easily handle and change settings.

It offers a lot of payment gateways.

Has Many Payment Gateway

One factor of a successful eCommerce website is its payment gateways. The more payment methods you offer to your customers, the more likely they will buy. These payment methods include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and even cryptocurrencies are starting to be offered as a payment method.

Unlike WordPress or Magento, Shopify doesn’t require you to use an extension to add a payment gateway.

It is SEO-friendly.

It Is SEO Friendly

It’s true that Magento is the most SEO-friendly website platform you can use, but Shopify follows on the list. According to, what makes Shopify SEO-effective is the flexibility of its software.

Shopify offers great SEO features, allowing users or website owners to edit meta contents such as meta title, meta description, and meta tags. It also allows you to create collections, products, and descriptions that caters to SEO.

It features useful built-in tools.

It has built in tools

Shopify offers several built-in tools that the user can use to expand the features of their website. These tools or plugins can allow the user to create a blog, add auto discounts, allow upsells and cross-sells, as well as add inventory products from other e-commerce websites.

Such features are useful for first-time users who want to create their own e-commerce website.

It has top-notch customer support.

It has a top notch customer support.

But perhaps the best thing about Shopify is its top-notch customer support. Unlike other website platforms which rely on community support, Shopify has a dedicated and professional support team which you can contact 24/7.

Aside from Shopify Help Center, users can also contact them through chat, email, or phone. Users can even reach Shopify in their social media accounts.


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