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Wordpress Security Plugins

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With WordPress as one of the most popular website platforms on the internet, it is common knowledge that it also more prone to malware attacks. Good thing though, WordPress offers hundreds to thousands of plugins to keep your site secure. And we’re going to feature seven of them for today’s article.

Here are seven of the best WordPress Security Plugins as of this writing:


WordFence is no doubt one of the most popular security plugins WordPress has to offer. It’s programmed to check your WordPress website for malware infection, scanning all files existing in your core, theme, and other plugins. If it found one, it will immediately notify you. The best thing about WordFence is that you can download it for free. But if you need advanced security features, you can always buy the premium version.

Sucuri Security

Another popular security plugin, Sucuri Security is programmed to scan malware, monitor file integrity, blacklist monitoring, and has a website firewall. It also keeps a list of all the activities you do in your website and keeps these logs safe in their cloud storage. It also incorporates various blacklist engines like Sucuri Labs, Norton, and Google Safe Browsing.

All-in-One WP Security & Firewall

All-in-One WP Security & Firewall Plugin is the perfect security plugin for beginners who are still new to WordPress. It features an easy user-interface and a highly visual report that shows graphs and meters to explain to the user the security strength and actions that needs to be done to protect their website.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security, formerly known before as Better WP Security, features 30 ways to secure and protect your WordPress website from attacks and malware. It can also fix common security holes in your site, which can easily be attacked by hackers. By just installing it, Better WP Security can stop automated attacks.


Jetpack is a familiar plugin, especially for older WordPress users. It is because WordPress is the one who developed Jetpack. This is why it is filled with modules that are designed to protect your WordPress website a hundred percent. It can also strengthen your site’s social media core, increase your site speed, and improve its spam protection.


Unlike the other plugins in this list, Defender is a new security plugin on the block. What sets it apart from other security plugins is that it offers features that users usually have to pay for when they want to keep their site secure. Since Defender is new, it still offers such features for free, so it is definitely a plugin you might want to check out.

BulletProof Security

Similar to other plugins, BulletProof Security offers both free and premium versions. It is designed to monitor and secure each login on your website. It automatically backs up your site database, has anti-spam and anti-hacking tools, as well as an MScan Malware Scanner. This plugin also has its own maintenance mode.


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