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eCommerce Mistakes

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Running an eCommerce business is never easy. You need to learn its ins and outs, adapt to changes, and inevitably encounter troubles. And that’s okay, as long as you learn from your mistakes. Take it from us, we have years of experience.

And with that being said, we decided to list down the most common eCommerce mistakes you may want to avoid.

  • Poor customer service.

There is one thing worse than a bad product, and that is poor customer service. Most entrepreneurs rush to launch their website without considering if they can deliver excellent customer service. Having a great relationship with your customers builds trust and promotes branding. Excellent customer service also increases the chance of turning a visitor into a loyal customer.

  • Unresponsive website design.

In this digital age, where people prefer to use their mobile devices over desktop computers to surf the internet, your website should be mobile-responsive. And for that to happen, your site should have a responsive design. Thank goodness for most themes, as they have responsive designs, allowing websites to visually adjust to different screen sizes.

  • Low-quality product images.

Your website’s product images are the closest thing consumers can compare to the real one. That said, make sure to upload high-quality photos of your products. Humans are visual creatures, and they are attracted to pretty and bright things. So if you’re going to stick with your low-quality product images, then don’t expect any high conversions.

  • Little product descriptions.

Content is king. If you’re going to pay little attention to your product descriptions, then that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Believe it or not, consumers take time to read product descriptions. Well-written content gives a good impression and makes your website more reliable.

  • Complicated checkout process.

Working as the best internet marketing consultants, we’re usually bombarded with the question as to why customers don’t go through with the checkout process. The most common issue we see in a situation like this is the website’s checkout process. If your site has a complicated checkout page, consumers tend to lose their interest and abandon their cart.

  • Poor site navigation.

So you have finally built your new website and is already in the process of testing it. Well, the first thing you need to check is its navigation. Is it user-friendly? Is it not too complicated for your target audience to use? You can also ask your friends to review your websites and ask for their comments and suggestions.

  • Lack of social media proof.

Want to increase your conversions? Well, then pay some attention to your social media accounts. Most online consumers, especially millennials, are likely to check a website’s social proof before purchasing a product or subscribing to a service. So be sure that you have active social media accounts that engage your followers. Encourage customers to also leave good reviews to promote your brand.

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