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December is a hectic month for most businesses. Is your business ready? If not, then you stumbled upon the right article,  today, we’re going to list down five tips on how you can deal with the coming holiday season and use it to increase your profit.

Here are five marketing tips that will surely help you deal with the coming holiday season:

Plan early.

To be able to start your holiday promotions as early as possible. According to Hawke Media, the best month to start planning for your holiday promotion in July. Since advertising tends to get very expensive during the fourth quarter of the year, it will be helpful to have a detailed marketing plan before it starts. If possible, plan out a month by month promotion every year.

Do product research.

Spend some time knowing which of your products are actually selling during the holidays. Check out previous reports, and list down the five best-selling products in your inventory during Q4. From there, you can know which product you should promote, and which are the ones you shouldn’t include. Make sure to check out where the traffic is coming from as well, and note it down as part of your reference once you start posting your ads.

Create bundles and gift lists.

Offering bundles is a great marketing idea that is commonly used in the market. So why not follow suit, right? If your business is just new, keep in mind, that you should create your bundles as introductory items. If the customers love it, then they will surely return to your store to buy more. Aside from bundles, gift lists is a perfect idea too especially for an email marketing blast. You can either create a new website page or blog post that lists down products in your site that will be perfect as gifts this holiday.

Be aggressive on your ads.

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive on your ads, especially on social media. It’s the holidays, so the number of users searching for products and promotions is sure to double. Seize this opportunity and make sure that your ads and promotions stand out, even if you have to shell out more cash. The more you’re visible to the users, the more it is likely that they will check out your website and buy your products. Just make sure that your site is all set as well — make sure to check if your shopping cart is working and if the checkout system is proceeding.

Promote as early as possible.

As stated, the earlier your promotions are, the better. In the first place, the holiday season actually starts during Thanksgiving due to Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday. So as suggested by marketers, you can start doing your holiday promotions as early as October. Set out a budget, and start running your ads by October to increase your brand awareness and grow your retargeting list for November and December.


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