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Will SEO Ever Die?

A more mobile-focused SEO

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Remember in 2012, when marketing experts have been declaring that SEO is dead. Well, it’s 2018 now, and SEO is still alive and kicking. Saying that SEO is dead is like proclaiming to the world that the zombie apocalypse has started.

Does that mean SEO will never die? Well, SEO can die, only if governments worldwide decide to shut down the internet altogether. That’s the only way SEO will cease to exist. But as long as there is the internet, and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo still run, then SEO will always be there.

Search engine optimization, according to, refers to the method used to increase the number of visitors on a website through organic search results. Before, SEO only works by optimizing your website’s contents and metadata, as well as by building quality links off pages by creating blog posts and through directory listings. However, the internet evolves, which requires SEO to adapt to it. SEO is now more than just optimizing your website. SEO can now be used on videos, images, social media profiles, press release, and yes, even on social media posts.

SEO can never die, but methods on how you do SEO can die. As stated earlier, SEO must evolve along with the updates companies like Google and Bing roll out on their search engines. There were times when Forum posting was a thing, and the way to rank first in Google is to have the most number of links on the web. But as spam worsened and SEO began to earn a bad reputation, Google went to action and decided to tweak their search engine algorithms. Upon rolling out the update, websites that were over-optimized and had spammy links instantly lost their ranks. Google became strict and only prioritized websites with quality links and content. Quality over quantity, that’s what they say.

Another reason why SEO will never die is that it will always be a part of digital marketing. It works hand-to-hand with pay-per-click, content, and social media. Without SEO, it will be hard for a website to actually appear in the SERPs or even reach the first page.

But SEO is not as easy as you may think it is; it may not work all the time, especially if you picked the wrong keyword. That’s why you can’t just do SEO if you have no knowledge about it. Doing so will only put your efforts in vain. Over-optimizing is also still a big no-no and would kill your website’s SEO, no matter how good its on-site optimization is.

To make sure your SEO efforts don’t go down the drain, contact the best internet marketing consultants near you before taking matters on your hands.

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