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Starting an online business may look easy, thanks to the help of user-friendly e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. But there’s actually more than just building a website. Before anything else, you’ve got to find the right product to offer to your customers.

This is where product research comes into play. Product research is a vital part of your product development; it helps you determine which products actually sell in the market and if it actually has a demand and target market. In the first place, you wouldn’t want to offer something on your website that isn’t saleable. It can also help you identify critical issues that you can encounter in the future to avoid making costly mistakes.

Doing product research also allows you to answer questions relevant to your chosen product, and lets you foresee if it’s marketable.

Here are a few questions you should be able to answer while doing product research:

  • What does my product offer?
  • Will customers need my product?
  • How is my product better than the ones offered by my competitors?
  • What do you need to sell the product?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • How much money will I spend testing the products?

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to grasp the market of your product and understand the reason behind its demand. It can help you grow your business by finding new opportunities with the product you offer.

Through product research, you’ll be able to know what’s trending and be able to adapt to market changes before it hits you hard. Like what Charles Darwin said, it’s the best who can adapt to change that survives.


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