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SEO Tips to Take in 2019

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Is your SEO strategy ready for this year?

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail,  so to make sure you’re ready for 2019, we listed down five of the best SEO tips. These are guaranteed to help you keep up with the incoming marketing trends that will rule this year.

Here are five of the top SEO tips in 2019:

Keep publishing quality content.

Content still plays a significant role in ranking your keywords in search engines. But you should know that content marketing has evolved throughout the years; content doesn’t generally refer to text-based posts or blog articles. Content marketing has been telling people to pay attention and start creating visuals to attract visitors such as infographics and videos. In fact, video marketing will continue to become a marketing trend this 2019.

Check your on-site optimization.

Your website will never appear in SERPs no matter how many links you build if it’s not optimized correctly. Check if your site’s meta content is updated. Do they incorporate the keywords you’re building? Aside from meta content, your website loading time matters too, as well as its responsive design. You can check these issues by using some of Google’s tools like Page Insights and Web Search Console.

Prioritize Voice Search Optimization.

With more people using voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa when searching online, businesses should start prioritizing their website voice search optimization. These include incorporating long-tail keywords in your meta content and creating conversational content for users who use voice search. According to the best internet marketing consultants, start posting content such as how-tos, FAQs, and tips related to the products or service your website is offering.

Backlinks still matter.

There was a time when a website only needed the most number of links to rank on top of Google search pages, but that was long gone. Link building is still a key factor in your website’s ranking, but you should know that quality is now more important than quantity. Your website backlinks should come from good sites that are related to the products or service you’re selling. Those websites’ domain authority and ranking are important too, so make sure to check the website before incorporating a link to your site.

Build a good reputation on social media channels.

User-generated content will be one of the important marketing trends in 2019. This only means that you need to make sure that your customers and subscribers are satisfied with the products or service you’re selling. Online reviews will play a significant role in growing your business these coming years, there are speculations that user-generated content can also affect your search engine rankings. So the next time you do a promotion, make sure to include a call-to-action button that encourages your customers to create a review on your website or social media pages.


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