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In our article last Monday, we’ve discussed the changes on how users will search this 2019. One of those changes we mentioned was visual search, which enables users to use images or take pictures of an object to search on it online. And yes, it is as convenient as it sounds.

Imagine you are looking for a dress to buy online, but don’t have an idea what style it is called. With visual search, all you have to do is take a picture of it or save an image online then drag it to the search box to look for products similar to it. That’s how easy it works.

Google and Pinterest have done it for a while now, and the numbers of users who prefer visual search continue to increase through the years. Pinterest alone, reported over 600 million visual searches every month. While Google reported 19% of visual search queries in 2018. And these statistics are predicted to escalate by 2019, with e-commerce websites such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram incorporating it into their system. There are also the big brands who have seen its importance and have launched their own visual search tools like Forever 21, Wayfair, EasyJet, Walmart, and Levis.

But visual search is more than just a trend or a way to boost your ranking in SERPs. Visual search can actually generate money. Let’s take Forever 21 for example; according to a report by Retail TouchPoints, their online store saw an increase of 20% in their average order value through visual search. Image-based Pinterest Ads were also said to have generated an 8.5% conversion rate in 2018. And then we have Google, which Shopping Ads have generated 87% of search ad clicks by using visuals as their ad element.

And it is believed that in 2019, the e-commerce market will see a growth of around $25 billion thanks to visual search.

These reports only go to show that although visual search is still a developing technology, it has the potential to change the way see digital marketing as it is. In the first place, humans are visual creatures and using this fact as a correlation to this trend can prove how effective it is. And that perhaps, it’s time for us, digital marketers, to start reevaluating our SEO practices in tune to visual search.


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