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Digital Marketing Trends

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Like what we usually say, digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry. And to survive in this field, it is crucial for an individual to continue learning the basics and incorporate the new trends to their strategy.

And with 2019 starting, digital marketers are working on their strategies to make sure that the year will bring in more traffic and conversion, and an increase in brand recognition for their online websites. The best internet marketing consultants in the field have also pointed out the trends that they believe will change the way how we market online.

One notable change is the way users search for products. Visual search and voice search are starting to take over a percentage of the user search. Voice search gained popularity in 2016 when Google has seen an increase in the numbers of people using voice assistants to search online. The statistics grew even more as people started to see how convenient it was. And it is believed that in the year 2022, 50% of all mobile searches will be coming from voice search.  Marketers have quite expected the trend as well, ever since Google emphasized the importance of optimizing your websites for mobile use. Another good thing about voice search optimization is how it brought the importance of “long-tail keywords” back to the system. It also made SEO specialists reevaluate the way they do link building and on-site optimization by giving more attention to geo-targeting.

Next to voice search is what we call visual search. Although the trend is said to be in its early stages, we can already see how advanced the developments are with Google and Pinterest visual search technology leading the way. Experts also know that this trend may stay for good, recognizing the fact that humans are visual creatures, and are more likely to respond to images than words.

In Pinterest alone, over 600 million visual searches are generated each month. While according to Moz, 19% of Google search queries came from visual search in 2018. This led to a report made by that by 2019, the image recognition market will grow to $25.65 billion.

Brands all over the world have started incorporating the trend to their marketing strategy. These companies include eBay, which has already debuted their visual search technology. Forever 21, on the other hand, reported a 20% increase in their average order value thanks to visual search. Walmart has also started on testing an in-house visual search technology, according to TechCrunch.

In conclusion, visual search and voice search promise to increase the users’ shopping experience, which in return also give marketers and entrepreneurs new revenue streams to increase their conversions.

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