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Don’t forget the SEO

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There was once a time when SEO was just about building as many links as you can. But that was long before Google released a series of updates and made various improvements to their bots. Now, SEO is about building quality backlinks, good internal optimization, and creating good content.

You’re most likely to encounter several problems along the way when doing SEO. But as long as you know your job, you’ll be able to pass through it with flying colors.

With that in mind, we at Cybertegic, one of the best internet marketing consultants in LA, decided to list down five of the most common SEO struggles and how you can handle them.

Finding the perfect keyword.

There are times when it’s easy for you to find the right keywords. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that your client will go with your suggestions. Clients who are new to SEO often go with generic ones, which can be a lot harder to rank. And sometimes, it takes a lot of explaining to do on why they should go with the ones you recommend rather than the ones they have in mind.

Remember that choosing the right set of keywords can initially tell if your SEO campaign is going to be successful or not. So being the specialist in the area, make sure that your client understands the importance of choosing the right keyword for their website.

Unexpected algorithm changes.

So everything is going well in your campaign —  keywords are ranking, traffic is increasing, and organic leads are converting to sales. Then in a blink of an eye, Google decides to release its latest algorithm update, and everything comes crashing down.

When this happens, what you can do is quickly find the reason why your ranking drop. Read all the notes about the algorithm update then check your website’s Google Analytics and Search Console. Once you have identified the problem, it will be easier for you to find the solution.

Choosing leads vs. sales.

High traffic doesn’t usually equal to sales. So before starting a campaign, make sure to know the purpose of your SEO campaign. What does your client want? Do they want to increase the organic traffic to their website? Or do they want more sales?

Once you figured out the needs of your clients, it will be easier for you to create a game plan for your SEO campaign.

Constant market changes.

Aside from sudden algorithm updates, changes are constant in the world of digital marketing. Each year, new trends come which affect the way people market their websites. For example, there was a year when link-building is your sure way to rank number 1 in Google. But these days, it’s all about how you do content marketing in the form of blogging, infographics, and videos.

This 2019, the digital marketing world is seeing some changes in how users search. These trends are voice search and image search.

Looking for the right tools.

A skilled SEO specialist knows the importance of using the right set of tools to improve his campaign. Tools will help you do your work faster, deeply analyze your keywords, and plan your next steps ahead of your competitors. You can also use these tools to help your client’s other campaigns such as PPC and social media.

Popular SEO tools in the market include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO Moz,, and Google Keyword Planner.

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