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Marketing Trends

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Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry, where you need to adapt and learn continuously to keep up with its changes.

That’s why for today, we at Cybertegic, one of the best internet marketing consultants in Los Angeles, are listing four of the latest trends that are bound to change the world of digital marketing in 2019.

Let’s check each one of them:

Visual Search

Visual search is starting to take over the search engine alongside voice search. Humans are visual creatures, so anything visual appeals to them more than plain text. With visual search, users can now find a local store or clothing item just by uploading or taking a picture of the said item or spot, which provides instant gratification. In 2018 alone, Pinterest reported over 600 million combined monthly searches with their new visual search tool. While according to a post published by, 62% of millennials see visual search as the future of search engines.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is bringing some significant changes in the way we know digital marketing. Thanks to its capability to learn and interpret a vast volume of data more quickly and accurately than human beings. For example, AI or machine learning is now being used for a more personalized product recommendation through analyzing customers behavior, thus improving customer engagement and creating a more customized shopping experience.


Companies are now starting to see chatbots as an effective way to enhance their customer service. With this technology, e-commerce sites and business services can now offer 24/7 customer support to their clients. Employees no longer have to deal with small issues, since chatbots can be programmed to answer typical questions such as FAQs. Chatbots also provides a real-time response, offering easy access to customers and clients any time they need it.

Live Video

Live videos started as a niche in video marketing, but it wasn’t long before it became the next big thing. It then rapidly took over social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Live videos referred to any broadcast you put on the internet that is happening real time. This trend became a hit because it shows brand transparency and authenticity, and gives followers an interactive connection. Thus, it engages more people to watch and leave comments on your live broadcast.


By keeping these trends in mind, you’ll be ready for the upcoming changes in the digital marketing industry.

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