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Cybertegic Highlights

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for brand awareness. Through social media platforms, businesses can interact with their potential and existing customers about what you can offer them. It’s also a way to keep them entertained with news and trends that are related to their industry. And the best thing Read more

The Internet has drastically altered the ways of the marketing over the past few years; creating a new way for businesses to succeed in the industry, more popularly known as online marketing. With e-commerce stores and PPC ads appearing everywhere in search engines, social media sites ruling the web and the age of mobile gadgets Read more

Let’s face it. Email as a marketing tool is on the brink of extinction. Perhaps, the last time you’ve heard something big about Email is way back in 1999 when the Y2K issue scared the living bejeezus out of us. Before, Email was the hub for all things viral. More so, it was where we Read more

Just when you think that search engine giant Google has gone easy in its efforts to further sharpen its service, think again. On May 20, Google's Matt Cutts announced in the most socially trendy manner possible (through Twitter), this: So, what does that actually mean? How will we be affected by this new (although largely Read more

Almost two decades after content was crowned by Bill Gates as the king of online marketing, a lot people are now thinking if it still deserves to be on the pedestal. Social networks and other marketing media stepped up in popularity over the past few years leading to a new mantra, “context is king.” But Read more