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In a previous article about video marketing, we’ve talked about how it is dubbed as the future of marketing. It has become a big part of digital marketing because videos are likely to go viral and attract viewers that can potentially turn into customers. That’s why if you’re planning to start creating videos as a Read more

New to online business? Then I bet you are now overwhelmed with a lot of digital marketing terms like social media, content marketing, and of course, SEO. SEO is one of the vital points of digital marketing. Through a smart execution, marketers will be able to increase the numbers of visitors and sales on an Read more

Did you know that millennials spend more than 48% of their time on the internet by watching videos online? No wonder, experts have dubbed video marketing as the future of digital marketing. As time passes by, the internet will get more populated with video content, and it will be a vital part of SEO. Still Read more

Creativity is as valuable as gold in the world of marketing. You need to be innovative in each ad you release to keep your customers engaged. Over the years, we’ve seen thousand of ads, but only a few managed to stand out due to their unique ideas. And that’s what we’re going to feature in Read more

New to digital marketing? Then I bet you’re having a hard time understanding the SEO terms that experts are throwing in their representations or consultations to help your business. That’s why we at Cybertegic, the best internet marketing consultant in Los Angeles, decided to give you a short but helpful guide. Here are 10 of Read more