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Email marketing has been considered by many online businesses as one of the most cost-effective strategies to find and keep new customers. It’s a great way to generate repeating sales and build brand awareness. Such approach can also enhance the relationship you have with your customers and encourage them to keep buying your products. By Read more

According to a study by, there are more than 867 million internet users from East Asia in 2016. They are dominating over Central America which has 96 million users, and West Europe which has 345 million users. South Asia follows with an estimated total of 480 million internet users. With these numbers, it is Read more

WeChat is known as a mobile chat application introduced by a Chinese company named Tencent. However, unknown to many, this mobile app is becoming one of the fastest growing marketing channels there is especially in China. In fact, it has become Facebook’s biggest competitor when it comes to business marketing. In a graph showed by Read more

The best Internet marketing consultants have realized one thing when it comes to engaging customers using websites -- you have to create a personalized experience for audiences. Web personalization is the new thing in optimizing a website to increase conversion. Several company websites that implement this saw an increase in the major metrics. Personalized content Read more

There are many ways to market your business but nothing is more effective than internet marketing. That’s why many business owners tend to get internet marketing service from consultants. It offers borderless ecommerce techniques that will allow you to connect with your customers worldwide. Such techniques include the use of marketing materials such as emails Read more