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As said in the previous post, Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising practice that can either put you and your brand on the search engine map if used correctly, or eat up without getting the desired output to boost your brand’s visibility and sales. – Brands that need just a couple of marketing push to reach Read more

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PPC can be really tricky, especially for those business newbies in the online marketing world. For one thing, it has a varied price tag in which advertisers (site/business owners) tend to dodge. That’s a given, since it’s could be risky for rookie business owners who are just about to play in the fields alongside seasoned Read more

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Recently, Google announced its last flight out of its regular Product Listing Ad campaigns, and instead will be replaced by Shopping campaigns. With the help of the search engine giant’s newly-developed Shopping tool, merchants can now upgrade their current PLA campaign to a relatively new shopping campaign structure that will be based on the former Read more

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Real-Time Bidding: Game-Changer for Advertisers and Web Publishers

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) has now becoming increasingly popular in the world of online marketing. Although this advertising method has been around as early as 2009, it is only until 2013 that this practice has been widely recognized and utilized in online marketing, mainly for its unique, dynamic approach in providing options and convenience for advertisers Read more

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How Much Should You Spend On Internet Marketing

An upfront question: “How much should I allocate on Internet marketing?” Quite frankly, there is no specific benchmark on how much should you spend on your marketing scheme, as these numbers are basically dependent on your company’s revenue, as well as the entire budget plan, marketing requirements, and the much needed campaign push for a Read more

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