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Here’s an interesting tip you might take to your advantage. If you think location is important to your online success, then GeoTags will be an extra search engine optimization (SEO) perk for your website. With GeoTags, you can improve your rankings in search engine results for searches that are specific to your area, which will help increase Read more

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How To Use Twitter Lists

How To Use Twitter Lists

Twitter released their “Lists” feature site-wide last week and we received ours on Thursday. The lists feature allows for a user to bundle like-minded Twitter users together and view their latest tweets in one stream. You can create a list for any reason and filter out their tweets from the your main Twitter stream, which Read more

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Many of us working with search engine optimization (SEO) are familiar with the Google PageRank tool. A few weeks ago, there was some internet buzz about PageRank being removed from the list of Google Webmaster Tools.There was talk about Google changing their algorithm to see what determined a website’s worth. Basically, any change in the Read more

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18% Use Social Media Sites for Information

Without a question, most of us engage in internet research when we’ve got questions about a product or service. The internet is an ubiquitous force in our daily lives now—we use it to learn and to connect. It’s evident that in our technological age, we’re shifting away from traditional means of information to the web Read more

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Matthew Trewhella from Google gave some insight into the “Vince/brand update.”There have been times when we’ve “googled” and then “re-googled” a search because we couldn’t find what we were looking for. Is this search engine optimization (SEO) failure from the brands we’re trying to seek out? Well, it seems Google regards your repeated search queries Read more

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