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Social Media Optimization: Facebook’s 300 Million Strong Connect

Out of all the social media marketing platforms, Facebook is the one constantly pushing out new features. Earlier this month, Facebook closed down its controversial Beacon service, which tracked user activities on outside websites and reported the information to their friends. The service never caught on, as users were outraged about an invasion of privacy.Beacon’s Read more

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Google first mentioned Google Wave months ago at a conference and the buzz hasn’t stopped since. Google Wave is an in-browser communication tool that combines aspects of e-mail, Wiki, chat, social media networking and project management software that is set to release at the end of this month. It has an array of interesting features Read more

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Alterian, an integrated marketing company, reports that in a survey of 200, almost half believed that social media marketing will have the greatest impact on revolutionizing customer service and thus be the best area to invest in for the coming year.Nearly half of all brands actively use social media marketing and an astounding 75% of Read more

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Social Media Marketing: Consumer Trends

A recent Nielsen Online study notes that people have tripled their time on social media networking sites, with nearly 17% of their online activity based on social media marketing platforms! That’s a 6% increase since this time last year. Major social media networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, blogs) have seen an increase in time spent on Read more

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Search Engine Optimization: Long Tail of Search

For those unfamiliar with the search engine optimization (SEO) term “long tail search,” there are three categories of search engine optimization (SEO) search terms: head, middle, and long tail terms. Head terms are generic terms people search for (i.e., “shoes” versus “extended backpacking boots”). Medium terms are less searched for but still fairly generic. Long Read more

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