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You can you tell when a spider has visited your site by looking up its name in your log files.For the three major search engines we have:Google ---> GooglebotYahoo! ---> Yahoo! SlurpMSN ------> MSNBotA spider's visit does not automatically mean that your page has been added to a search engine's index. However, it does mean Read more

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If you are like me, in your first day of knowing how the search engine spiders crawl web pages to gather information about your website, you would have had ideas of tweaking your site's home page tactically in an effort to either help feed those robots with what you want them to bring home to Read more

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There are the ways of optimizing a website from within your pages to help it rise to the top of the search results pages. And, there are also ways to get the search engines and your target market to love you, with off-page solutions that are powerful and effective in giving your business a healthy Read more

Posted in: Internet Marketing 101, one of the leading internet marketing services companies, has recently hosted a free internet marketing seminar that focused on how Google Pay Per Click marketing (PPC), Search Engine Optimization marketing (SEO), and Email Marketing can be maximized for boost online business sales and create a long-term success.E-commerce is one industry that is continuously thriving Read more

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Search Engines Love Blogs!

The term "blog" came from the word "weblog", which simply means a web journal. Search engines, especially Google, love blogs for the simple reason that, like the traditional writing of journals, blogs are updated regularly. The engines love lots of content when crawling a websites' pages.Nielsen Consumer Insight reported that people are now spending 20% Read more

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