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PPC Marketing

When you choose to use Google AdWords for your PPC needs, it is split into two networks – the Search Network and Display Network. Using the Search Network, text ads are placed in search results. On the other hand, the Display Network will place your display ads onto a network of websites, mobile apps, and Read more

Potential customers don’t instantly purchase once they see an online ad. In fact, they may have to see those ads several times before they make the decision to avail of your services or products. As a digital marketing agency, Cybertegic knows that being able to display those online ads continuously matters. If you’re having a Read more

Knowing what SEO and PPC can do will help you maximize them for your campaign. The primary difference between Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click is the traffic they generate. Organic SEO traffic is free while the traffic generated from PPC comes at a cost per click (as the name implies). That difference is Read more

Over the last couple of years, we have seen just how immense and complex the movement of PPC ads was. We did see both the benefits and the downside this online marketing model could give and do to a business. We all know how Google Ads’ Shopping Campaign impacted the world of eCommerce, or the Read more

Basketball legend, Michael Jordan once said, “Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.” Absorbing the gist of this food for the thought, this is what Google’s Negative Keywords is all about. Today, many expert internet marketing firms and online advertisers see this “negativity” as a great tool to somehow be at par with Read more