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Content is still king. This fact will not change anytime soon. Many people think that SEO and content marketing should be separated and that they are entirely two different things. However, as the best internet marketing consultant will say, SEO and content marketing do overlap. For SEO to work, you need keywords and backlinks. It Read more

Billions of people use Facebook, with more than 900 million visits every day. Mark Zuckerberg saw this as a business opportunity, so he launched an advertising venue called,  Facebook Advert. Facebook Advert is “sponsored” newsfeeds and banners that show on your Facebook Newsfeed or Facebook Page. It lets you choose the type of people you Read more

Mobile marketing has been kicking into overdrive in the last few years, especially 2015. It shows a remarkable growth that year, with mobile spending three times higher than desktop usage. It is reported that 70% of emails were accessed on mobile devices. All of Facebook’s revenue growth came from mobile as well. That said, any Read more

Your website is completely optimized, and you can see that SEO is working out for you. But you could feel that you could do more. That's where PPC comes in. The best Internet marketing company that is worthy of that name knows how to navigate through the complexities of PPC. How does PPC work? When Read more

A lot of businesses realize the need for SEO, knowing that it’s a means to boost their online sales. When they do research about it, they will see a lot of articles that say that they can do it themselves or that there are better marketing options. To a certain extent, this is true but Read more