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content marketing

For the past few years, infographics have become an increasing trend. Moreover, with Google’s new update about its image search and how it can now impact traffic data, digital marketers are giving more importance to visual marketing, and that includes infographics. If you are not sure whether you should use infographics as a means of Read more

Digital marketing is evolving and will continue to do so. For an e-commerce website to be able to succeed in the industry, it must learn to strive for innovation. The same thing goes for content marketing. That is why for today, we are going to discuss the top five marketing trends you should watch out Read more

Content is and will always be king. Content is the very backbone of SEO, the main reason why you should focus and improve your content marketing. One way to do so is to use tried and tested writing tools. Because we at Cybertegic are ready to help anyone in need, we have listed seven of Read more

Improve Your Incoming Links

Besides optimizing content for for SEO, blogs must also generate incoming links from relevant sites with high reputation. There's not much control you have over that, but there are steps you can take to increase the likeliness of incoming links. Content must be interesting and valuable. Posting mediocre content will not distinguish your blog post Read more

Owning a website is a great thing, and there are a variety of ways to earn money from such. Some prefer to do it by creating content through blogs and news reporting, getting their revenue from the advertisements embedded on the pages of the site. Blogging can also apply affiliate marketing wherein bloggers can tie Read more