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digital marketing company in Los Angeles

Potential customers don’t instantly purchase once they see an online ad. In fact, they may have to see those ads several times before they make the decision to avail of your services or products. As a digital marketing agency, Cybertegic knows that being able to display those online ads continuously matters. If you’re having a Read more

Have you heard of the thing called Google Shopping Campaign? Google Shopping Campaigns are used by businesses to promote their online and local inventory. These campaigns are effective ways to boost traffic to your website, moreover, to find better leads. Google Shopping Campaigns work by allowing you to upload your product data to Merchant Center Read more

It's that time of the year again. Cybertegic, Inc. will be holding its 9th Annual Cybertegic Internet Business Conference. Or just call it Cybercon. With the theme, “Uncover the New Explosive Power of Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business Online!”. It will be an exciting seminar that will give you all the necessary know-how to Read more

Mobile marketing has been kicking into overdrive in the last few years, especially 2015. It shows a remarkable growth that year, with mobile spending three times higher than desktop usage. It is reported that 70% of emails were accessed on mobile devices. All of Facebook’s revenue growth came from mobile as well. That said, any Read more

  The best Internet marketing consultants know that making a blog successful (or any other content) isn’t about just writing it. No matter how well an article has written if you don’t have a solid plan on getting it out. It would be all for naught. Nobody will see it, and that would be a Read more