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mobile marketing

Roughly two billion people use smartphones in their everyday lives, whether it's sending SMS, browsing the internet or checking emails. No wonder it eventually became a prime marketing channel for most businesses and advertisers. That’s why for today, we’re going to discuss five tips on how to improve your mobile marketing. Websites that use responsive Read more

Some people may say that mobile app development is not for everyone. However, one cannot deny that fact that mobile gadgets are taking over organic traffic. In this digital age, where people would rather surf and use their smartphones to check information and buy items, there is no doubt that online marketing is slowly coming Read more

For as early as 2013, it has been said that the future of Internet marketing is through mobile usage. This 2015, it is expected to reach its pinnacle and go full-circle in targeting the demographics of mobile users. And to prove this, a recent study states that mobile cellular usage is expected to tap the Read more