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Despite the recent changes and updates in Facebook’s algorithm – particularly the gradual halt of the social network giant’s Organic Reach this first quarter – social media this 2015 as we know it is becoming pretty much stable and accessible for Internet marketing use. Maybe it just goes to show that big brands and start-up Read more

Over the last couple of years, we have seen just how immense and complex the movement of PPC ads was. We did see both the benefits and the downside this online marketing model could give and do to a business. We all know how Google Ads’ Shopping Campaign impacted the world of eCommerce, or the Read more

Happy New Year, everyone! If we take a quick look at just how amazing and relevant the industry of Internet marketing was in 2014 for most businesses, there’s no doubt and clearly evident that it took the whole world by viral! With the emergence of catchy videos, new set of keywords to bid in, different Read more

There have been a lot of questions as to how the NoFollow attribute greatly helps SEO. Following with the inception of PageRank in 2005 by Google head honcho, Larry Page, this piece of HTML attribute has been useful in serving as one of the main components in determining the websites that are deserving enough to Read more

PPC can be really tricky, especially for those business newbies in the online marketing world. For one thing, it has a varied price tag in which advertisers (site/business owners) tend to dodge. That’s a given, since it’s could be risky for rookie business owners who are just about to play in the fields alongside seasoned Read more