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In every SEO campaign, there is one thing that Internet marketing consultants dread more than anything. The SEO Plateau. That's what happens when the progress in your SEO slows down and tapers off to the point that organic traffic stalls to a standstill. That can drive all the efforts done for the campaign down to Read more

Before, it was all just about a virtual dancing baby in your email, trying to entertain you in some strange and somehow creepy, however new it was during the time. Now, memes –particularly Internet memes– are no longer considered as a simple culture-spreading phenomenon, but rather a way of life and a state of mind Read more

There’s no question hiring professionals to improve your online presence can oftentimes bring results. On the other hand, it can also generate massive expenses due to their high talent fees. Not to mention, numerous deliberations and discussions, that they unconsciously make everything quite confusing and complicated when all you want is to plan and launch Read more

Happy New Year, everyone! If we take a quick look at just how amazing and relevant the industry of Internet marketing was in 2014 for most businesses, there’s no doubt and clearly evident that it took the whole world by viral! With the emergence of catchy videos, new set of keywords to bid in, different Read more

New Year’s Day is usually about resolutions and makeovers. The time in which reflection and recapping on the highlights of the past 12 months, and assessment of the not-so-good turn of events take place for a much needed “re-calibration”. And just like any ordinary person contemplating about his/her list of resolutions, websites do need resolutions Read more