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Got Shades?

GotShades.com goal is to provide wholesale shades and sunglasses that combine high quality, style, and affordability. With their superior customer service, retailers continue to do business with GotShades.com. Cybertegic is helping them make their brand stronger through our online digital marketing campaign.

Adorable World

If it’s quality wholesale plush toys that you need, Adorable World has them for you. As the direct manufacturer, there will be no more need for a middleman. With that convenience, Cybertegic worked to ensure that Adorable World’s products reach more stores through our online digital marketing campaigns.

Sidney Imports

Sidney Imports produces top quality wholesale jewelry that comes in various designs in sterling silver for a stylish look. If your store is looking for fashionable jewelry that customers will be looking for, Sidney Imports is the company to turn to. Through Cybertegic’s services, Sidney Imports got more exposure from potential customers.

Blossom Footwear

Blossom Footwear is the home of wholesale footwear brands. If you’re a retailer looking for a stylish selection, Blossom Footwear can offer you an assortment of footwear. With Cybertegic’s digital marketing campaign, their products such as sandals, heels, and boots were made more visible on search engines.

Ceri Jewelry

Ceri Jewelry has the exquisite wholesale jewelry for your fashion needs. Ceri Jewelry has the partnerships with manufacturers and the affordable prices that retailers will be pleased to know. Cybertegic provides the digital marketing services that will make sure they get more visibility for their brand.

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