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BestPack offers custom made packaging equipment and automation systems. Our company’s strength lies in our ability to custom-build automation packaging equipment. Our engineers will consult with you to design the most efficient packaging equipment for your industry.
During the 70’s, the export boom hit Taiwan and brought with it prosperity. Through this industrialization, BestPack started to divert into end line packaging machines both for domestic and export market. Starting with automatic strapping machines and carton sealing machines, the legendary model 3ALR (MT12-2 as it is known in the U.S) was designed and sold to 48 different countries in the world..
BestPack has grown to be a leading global manufacturer of integrated packaging equipment system with machinery in over 40 countries worldwide. We have over 80 different models of carton sealing machines for OPP pressure sensitive tape, water activated tape, staples, or hot melt glue.
Bestpack is committed to manufacturing reliable, cost effective and highly efficient automated and semi-automated packaging system solutions to meet the expanding and changing packaging application needs for the cosmetics, dry goods, food packaging, and medical packaging industries to name a few. With over 35 years of packaging machinery engineering experience and thousands of carton sealing equipments installed worldwide.
Despite our in depth portfolio of packaging equipments: conveyers, sorters, drop loaders, shrinkwrappers, case erectors, box formers, stretch hooders, and palletizers, the breadth of our carton sealers is our specialty. To date, we have over 90 models of carton sealers.
Simply call us at (888) 588.2378 and let our team of engineers help you find a total packaging and sealing solution that’s right for you.

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