Application Development is a program made specifically for use with a mobile handheld device. The purpose of a smartphone application ranges from social networking to online-shopping, to entertainment as well as general information distribution.With competitors such as Google’s Android and Samsung’s Galaxy, many people have been making the switch from cellular phone to smartphone.


Here at Cybertegic we offer smartphone applications as an alternative to website creation or as a supplement to an existing website. With Cybertegic’s help, your business can have its very own iPhone/Android application, complete with your personalized logo and title. Whether for the purpose of directly generating income or brand marketing, we will accommodate your needs to ensure satisfaction. We cater to a variety of smartphone application needs and categories, including entertainment, utilities, news/weather, navigation, music, and social networking. We also offer three development models to suit your needs and budget.

Benefits of Smartphone Applications:

  1. A smartphone application is made for convenience, both to the customers and to the business. If potential customers want to access your business, or if you feel that your business would benefit greatly from increased access, then smartphone applications are a definite way to go.
  2. Smartphone applications help brand promotion by placing itself in an application market for smartphone users to browse and download. Users who like your application can then rate and recommend it to their friends and relatives, thereby acting as unofficial brand ambassadors.
  3. Smartphone applications can increase your business’s ability to handle customer service. Having a ratings system on your application means customers can give product and service feedback, which gives you invaluable insight on trends and allows you to improve your products and services without driving your customer base away.
  4. The smartphone application is used for more than marketing; it can also generate income. A survey conducted by The Nielsen Company shows that nearly 64% of available apps on the market are games, and the smartphone is quickly overtaking handheld consoles as the go-to system for entertainment. The possibilities for smartphone applications are nearly endless in number and design.
  5. If you already have an online website, perhaps you should optimize it to be smartphone-compatible. Past research has shown that web-surfing via smartphone is more convenient than with desktops and laptops for the nation’s ever-moving consumers.
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