China's Most Popular Mobile Apps March 2016

WeChat is the fastest growing messaging app in the world. With that comes the capacity to tap into the Chinese (and other Asian) market based in the United States. WeChat is the popular social media app in China because of its varied uses. It’s a messenger, an online wallet, a variant of Ebay/Amazon, Uber and a lot of other convenience apps. There are currently 1.1 billion members signed up in China alone and steadily growing in all over the world. And 750 million of that accesses their account on a daily basis.

Why is WeChat Marketing Important for your Company?

Think of it as your foot in the door in a large market, particularly in the Chinese community. The market for WeChat marketing is still in its infancy but like all digital marketing campaigns based on a specific avenue, this will grow big. Especially the current size and growth of WeChat.

What are the Benefits of WeChat Marketing for your Business?

Purchases Initiated From WeChat Diagram

You are opening your business up to the biggest social media and fastest growing messaging service that is still new in a marketing perspective. You will be in a position to create brand awareness for your business while not a lot are considering this option. Not just for the users based in the US but in the future, you might be able to showcase your business to China. That has 650 million (and growing) users at the moment.

Why Cybertegic?

As the trusted digital marketing and web design company in Los Angeles, we continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. With that, we are pioneers in WeChat Marketing. Not many companies are prepared and have the know-how to market your business to this specialized market. We will help you get to where you want your business to go with WeChat.

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