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Voice Search For SEO Marketing

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SEO is an ever-changing industry. Every year, Google rolls out a significant change to its algorithm that can affect one’s digital marketing strategy. And one trend that is beginning to catch the attention of marketing experts is “voice search.”

Voice search is said to be the fastest growing type of search according to Behshad Behzadi, the Principal Engineer at Google Zurich. In fact, in a mobile survey conducted by Google, it was shown that “55% of teens and 41% of the adults use voice search every day.” This statistic that is not surprising, considering that voice search is faster and more convenient, allowing a user to search on the go.

Another thing is that voice search has improved over the decade. Three years ago, the error rate for speech recognition was 20%, but in 2016, it significantly decreased to 8%. These shows that voice search services such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are becoming increasingly reliable. Even Google now has its own voice assistant called Google Assistant with the aim to make it “ultimate mobile assistant that will help users with their daily life and activities.”

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With these things in mind, we’re only left with the question as to how voice search will affect the future of SEO.

Well, to start with, the current SEO techniques focus on text-based or keyword search. In Voice Search, typing is not necessary, and you’ll likely pay more attention to how people voice out their concerns, allowing more keywords to be taken in for one search. This means that instead of using short-tail keywords, you might want to start paying attention to your long-tail keywords.

Long-tailed keywords work well with voice search since users are likely to speak in proper phrases or sentences to search for something, instead of saying a single word. Products or services you offer on your website should then be thoroughly described as detailed as possible.

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Another thing that voice search can bring to your current strategy is the way you optimize your content. This speech recognition technology is likely to favor content with a conversational tone, featuring natural phrases and sentences. One could even throw slangs every now and then to boost your local SEO strategies.

Lastly, you can optimize your content to cater to voice search by providing answers to respond to user’s questions “what, why, who, where, and how.” By doing this, it is more likely that your site will come up on the results of voice search.

Voice search is indeed going to change the future of SEO. And as the best internet marketing consultants would suggest, it’s better to start preparing as early as possible.

How about you? What do you think about voice search? Share us in the comments below.

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