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Answer Engine Optimization

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SEO has been around since the 1990s and has become one of the pillars of digital marketing. However, in a recent webinar presented by Trustpilot Head of SEO, Chee Lo, and KaliCube SEO consultant, Jason Barnard, SEO is said to have a new rival to the throne. Say hello to AEO.

So what is AEO? AEO is an abbreviation that stands for Answer Engine Optimization. According to the two SEO experts, the rise of voice search has started transforming the search engines into “answer engines.” This requires a different kind of strategy to succeed, and this has become known as Answer Engine Optimization or AEO for short.

Search Engines were first built to deliver results based on keywords. But as voice assistants are starting to become popular with the users, search engines like Google and Yahoo are starting to improve their algorithm. They now provide answers to queries directly on the results page. For Google, innovations such as Featured Snippets and Knowledge Graph were created to give answers without requiring a user to click through to another website. This provides a big help to mobile users who prefer to use their mobile assistant to ask for answers.

Voice Search

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AEO is not going to replace SEO, but it is becoming increasingly important. In fact, Google is starting to update its algorithms to keep up with AEO. It’s beginning to favor websites that are optimized for voice search, such as sites with content that answers frequently asked questions.

This sudden shift makes it clear to marketers that they should start focusing on Answer Engine Optimization too. This can be done by providing content that serves the customers’ needs. Doing so will help their site keep up with the new changes and have an advantage over their competitors.

Building your website for AEO alongside SEO is essential to survive the ever-changing world of digital marketing. As the best internet marketing consultants will say, adaptation is the real key to success in the world of digital marketing.

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