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Optimizing Videos

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In last week’s post, we featured the best editing apps one can use in creating their video campaign. Today, we’re putting up the notch by teaching you on how you can optimize the videos you post on your Youtube or put on your website. Optimizing your videos will enable you to drive more traffic to your Youtube channel or website page, thus increasing your brand recognition.

Here are five ways on how you can optimize your video:

Content is important.

The critical component of a successful video is delivering great content. Without good content, it is impossible to generate traffic to your channel or website page. If it’s your goal to generate a substantial amount of traffic to your website or Youtube channel, it is essential to create an engaging and informative content. The better the content your video has, the higher the chance the viewers will share it with others.

Create an optimized title.

According to the best internet marketing consultants, the title of your video can either make or break the video itself. This is because the title gives the most important piece of information in your video. Titles are also likely to be the one to attract or lure viewers into clicking the video so you might want to put in an intriguing and compelling headline for your video. You might also want to include your keyword in your title to make it more shareable.

Use tags wisely.

Some may say that tags are not compulsory, but they can actually help your video make more discoverable. Youtube currently cannot understand the content of your video with visuals alone, so putting texts in your video can help you rank on specific keywords associated with it. It is advisable to include branding keywords in your tags, and avoid using any irrelevant keywords. You can also use Google Trends to search for keywords you can use.

Create an engaging description.

Most people just include few sentences in their video description, little do they know that this can affect their ability to add keywords and communicate with the algorithm. So don’t be afraid to include a few phrases in your video description as long as you can articulate your key points from the video. Make sure to use a few relevant keywords as well as to help optimize your video for both Google and Youtube. An engaging description will also help attract readers to watch and finish your video.

Include call-to-action.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your description or better, within your Youtube video annotation. If used correctly, annotations can help improve your video’s engagement and viewership,  but also help keep them on Youtube. According to Youtube vloggers, the best positions for annotations is around the borders of the video. Another way to keep viewers within your channel is to create a playlist of your videos to keep them watching.

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