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Ever heard of the term user-generated content? If you’re new to marketing or e-commerce, you have probably encountered this in the form of customer reviews or influencer marketing.

User-generated content refers to any type of content that is created by customers, clients, or end users. It comes in the form of reviews, mentions, blog posts, or vlogs. Since 2016, user-generated content has been seen as a growing e-commerce marketing trend used to increase brand awareness and conversions.

But how does user-generated content trigger your target audience to check out and buy your product? As the best internet marketing consultants explained, user-generated content works exactly like the traditional mouth-to-mouth marketing. The only difference though is that instead of hearing good reviews about the product through your friends or family members, you get to see unbiased reviews from customers all over the world. Because they are real, they can profoundly influence a user’s purchase.

In fact, according to a report conducted by, 61% of customers tend to read online reviews before making a purchase. On the other hand, 63% of these people also said that they are likely to buy from an e-commerce website that has reviews compared to those who don’t.

Another form of user-generated content is what we call “testimonials.” They are quite similar to user reviews, the only difference is that testimonials are more detailed than reviews. They come in forms of blog posts, vlogs, and product mentions on social media posts. These testimonials can come from your customers or from social media celebrities or what we call as influencers. If user reviews can influence a user to buy your product, testimonials are what invites them to check your website and products in the first place. Testimonies raise brand awareness and make people curious to check what your product is all about. This plays a significant role in small businesses who are still marketing their brand.

Take this for example, according to Social Bakers, 23% of people say that media can influence their purchase decision, while 31% of these people actually say they trust influencers and are likely to purchase a product recommended by them. With those statistics, it’s a given fact that user-generated content indeed plays a significant role in how your target audience sees your business.

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