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The third quarter of 2019 is almost over, so how are your sales going? Have you reached your target sales for this month, or not? If it’s the latter, then let us help you by giving you a few marketing tips on how you can boost and increase your sales. UGC or user-generated content is Read more

Want to start your own e-commerce website but doesn’t have an idea which website platform to use? Then fear not, because that’s what our article for today is about. In our article, we listed down five of the best website platforms for e-commerce this year. Let’s check them out: Shopify is currently the most famous Read more

  No matter how attractive your website is, if no one actually visits it, then you probably won’t get any customers. This is why digital marketing exists because, through the right strategies, you can drive internet users to your website and increase traffic. But how can you do that? Well, today, we’re giving you seven Read more

Shopify is one of those few website platforms highly recommended by the best internet marketing consultants. It features several tools and functions that allow users, especially new ones, to easily create and manage their own online store. That’s why for today, we’ve listed down seven key points that make Shopify one of the best e-commerce Read more

There was once a time when SEO was just about building as many links as you can. But that was long before Google released a series of updates and made various improvements to their bots. Now, SEO is about building quality backlinks, good internal optimization, and creating good content. You’re most likely to encounter several Read more