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It has become increasingly vital in search engine optimization (SEO) to include video, audio, pictures, maps, charts to engage and encourage visitors to interact with your website. What you should know is these “engagement objects” can affect your page rank, particularly with the advent of universal search. Their search algorithm used to analyze 120 variables Read more

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Search Engine Optimization Tips: YouTube Introduces Demographics Tool

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves research, from determining your businesses’ biggest demographic, to knowing their specific likes and dislikes. If you don’t do this, then you’re marketing blind.If you’re doing video marketing, YouTube just saved you a lot of time and money by expanding their Insights for Audience tool to package all that information for Read more

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Facebook Voice Chat App Supplements Platform’s Social Media Marketing Tools

Facebook increased its user base to an astonishing 300 million active users by integrating new ideas from companies searching for early adopters. However, these third-party programs often have kinks mainstream users don’t want to deal with. For instance, many of the social media marketing platform’s popular tools are not original. Facebook’s current feed is the Read more

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Social Media Marketing: Twitter to Introduce Geolocation API, 3rd Party Experimental Features

Twitter is a social media marketing platform behemoth that knows how to cater to its users. The basic principle of social media marketing is about connecting with those who use your product or service and forming relationships with them. Twitter is taking this advice and improving its social media platform again and again for ease Read more

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Social Media Marketing: Google’s Fight

September was a whirlwind month for social media marketing news, particularly for social media leaders Twitter and Facebook. While those sites are optimizing their functionality to ring in a larger user base, it seems that search engine king Google has been left out of the picture, perhaps for a reason. Google rose to fame as Read more

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