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facebook advertising

Are Facebook ads really working? Are they worth the investment? Do they really convert to sales? We often see these questions in digital marketing forums submitted by users who just started their Facebook Page or Shop. But here's a question you need to ask yourself first -- are your Facebook ads optimized? No matter how Read more

Starting a business whether online or not can be tough; even the best internet marketing consultants will agree to that. The internet may have millions of users aka potential customers, but you will need to break through the thousands of competition. That’s why as early as possible, you need to promote your business through all Read more

Facebook is the King of Social Media channels. But that’s not just because it connects people around the world, but it is also because they have been versatile throughout the years. It allowed businesses and organizations to create pages that users can follow. With that said, Facebook has paved the way for many small businesses Read more

Billions of people use Facebook, with more than 900 million visits every day. Mark Zuckerberg saw this as a business opportunity, so he launched an advertising venue called,  Facebook Advert. Facebook Advert is “sponsored” newsfeeds and banners that show on your Facebook Newsfeed or Facebook Page. It lets you choose the type of people you Read more