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According to Forbes, there are now over 40 million small businesses that use Facebook to promote their brand. And if you happen to be included in that number then you definitely know how hard it is to get users to like your page. So as one of the best internet marketing consultants in Los Angeles Read more

Social media channels have done wonders for many businesses to flourish, especially startups and small-timers. If you want to venture into social media marketing, here are five of the best social media channels you should start utilizing as soon as now. With over 1.86 billion users worldwide as of 2016's last quarter, Facebook has the Read more

By the time Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook, it was purely intended as an online rating site to “judge” fellow Harvard students by posting two pictures and rate them based on their attractiveness. Next thing we knew, Facebook became what is known to be today: A social media phenomenon that became a part of everyone’s daily Read more

Great, engaging content is the soul of any social media strategy. Think about it. A flashy, edgy design on a Facebook page defeats its own purpose if its content is dull and boring. Same goes for Twitter. And don't neglect the benefits of having engaging social media content. When fans 'like' or 'follow' you, it's announced to their Read more