With advanced integrated internet marketing, particularly search engine optimization, Cybertegic, Inc. helped this wholesale jewelry provider drive quality traffic to its site and increased brand awareness and sales. Here’s how:

CeriJewelry is a wholesale jewelry distributor that provides high quality jewelry and accessories to resellers. The company is very selective when partnering up with manufacturers, which ensures its customers receive top quality products at competitive wholesale prices.


Confident in their quality products and business, CeriJewelry contacted Cybertegic to help them take control of the web through utilization of online marketing tools. The wholesaler had the following objectives to complete:

  • Generate large amounts of quality website traffic quickly and effectively

  • Increase brand awareness- developing a strong presence online in the wholesale jewelry industry

  • Better manage its customer email database and gauge the effectiveness of its email campaigns

  • Ultimately increasing its sales, amount of repeat sales, and customer base


After analyzing CeriJewelry’s wholesale business and objectives, Cybertegic developed an Internet marketing strategy that included three of its online services and split it into three phases.

  • Phase One:

    Cybertegic decided to first use Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC, to generate fast and relevant traffic to the CeriJewelry website, as well as increase its brand recognition. PPC ads are paid advertisements that appear at the top left and to the right of search engine results pages. These ads appear when people search keywords or phrases that are relevant to the products or services that the business offers.

    Cybertegic focused on selecting appropriate and effective keywords that would attract the most relevant traffic while keeping the cost as low as possible.

  • Phase Two:

    While PPC began to attract new customers and traffic to its site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts were initiated to continue increasing brand recognition and establishing a firm presence in its field. SEO is the process by which keywords are selected for site content in order to increase the visibility of the website in terms of search engine results. By helping CeriJewelry rank top 10 on major search engines for many relevant keywords, PPC spending was drastically reduced.

  • Phase Three:

    Now that a large volume of traffic was directed at CeriJewelry’s online store and it established a professional authority online, it was time to deal with its large customer email database and email campaigns.

    Cybertegic’s email marketing services consisted of letters that were tailored to CeriJewelry and carefully written to avoid the possibility of spamming, promotions to increase brand loyalty and repeat sales, and an advanced email system that organized email addresses, as well as tracked results of email initiatives.