Here’s how CyberPower PC increased their online sales.

CyberPower PC is one of the leading manufacturers of computer systems in the country which strives to provide the most exceptional selection of products, customization, and service. To meet the demands of a growing industry, they dedicated a large portion of their marketing budget to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing in 2006.

This strategy proved effective, but they knew that they would need a specialized search engine marketing firm that would be able to deliver even lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and higher returns on investment (ROI). CyberPower PC then contacted Cybertegic and asked help to increase their sales further and improve the return on advertising spend.

Cybertegic worked with their Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter accounts and identified the costly problems. They found that the most pressing issue with both accounts was their structure; CyberPower PC had thousands of keywords, hundreds of ads, and dozens of campaigns. Cybertegic then reorganized them to cater to specific networks and audiences. Top performing keywords and ads were re-categorized into new campaigns, while poor performing keywords and ads were adjusted or paused.

Cybertegic also picked cost-efficient phrase- or exact-match keywords and added dozens more negative keywords to prevent matches to unwanted search queries. New keywords advertised by CyberPower PC’s competitors were also added to counter the declining traffic due to stricter filters. These tried-and-tested keyword strategies allowed for the total advertising budget to be spent on valuable keywords, which then helped increase sales and improve ROIs.

As a result of Cybertegic’s efforts, CyberPower PC achieved record-breaking results while controlling advertising costs. In addition to cutting CPA by 50%, Cybertegic was able to achieve ROI as high as 2,352%. Pretty amazing, right?

Today, CyberPower PC’s ad accounts continue to perform well and their targeted keyword, “Gaming PC” ranks number 1 in Google as a result of the combined PPC and SEO efforts.

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