With advanced integrated internet marketing, Cybertegic, Inc. helped Eternal Sparkles achieve top 10 ranking in Google search results and increase online revenue via SEO, PPC, and email marketing channels. Here’s how:

EternalSparkles.com is a fashion jewelry retailer located in Industry, CA. EternalSparkles.com offers top quality fashion jewelry at competitive and affordable prices.


Having already established connections with fashion jewelry manufacturers, the founders of EternalSparkles.com needed an online outlet to sell their jewelry products and were looking to establish an online venture.

Being relatively new to the industry, they had no prior experience in developing an ecommerce business and contracted Cybertegic, Inc. to develop and implement a customized e-commerce plan with two goals:

  1. Establish an online brand presence with a fresh design and internet marketing, and
  2. grow online sales via advanced integrated online marketing


Since EternalSparkles.com had no prior online presence, Cybertegic was required to establish the company’s online foundation. Cybertegic’s designers effectively built EternalSparkles.com’s website with Channel Advisor’s ecommerce platform.

Pay Per Click Advertising

To drive sales and traffic to the online store, Cybertegic deployed a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, which quickly generated customers over a short period of time. Within weeks, Cybertegic was able to drive tens of thousands of visits to EternalSparkles.com by bidding on cost-effective and relevant keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Like many small start-up companies, EternalSparkles.com wanted to decrease advertising costs while simultaneously increase online sales.

Having experience with this type of request, Cybertegic was able to help EternalSparkles.com decrease their advertising costs and drive up site traffic, placing the retailer within the top 10 search engine results with keywords, “fashion jewelry” and “fashion rings.”

E-Mail Marketing

After building EternalSparkles.com’ ecommerce foundation, Cybertegic deployed an email marketing campaign. The goal of the campaign was to increase customer outreach and help boost sales through increasing site traffic.

With the implementation of email marketing, EternalSparkles.com experienced an immediate growth in sales. Today, 20% of their sales are generated from e-mail marketing.

Comparison Shop Engine Marketing

In addition to establishing an online ecommerce store, Cybertegic also increased EternalSparkles.com’s reputation through comparison shop listings. EternalSparkles.com products were listed on major comparison shopping engines, such as Amazon and Google. This helped increase EternalSparkles.com’s customer market and increase revenue.

Today, over 40% of EternalSparkles.com’ revenue is a result of successful conversion from comparison shop engine searches.


Cybertegic was able to successfully develop an EternalSparkles.com ecommerce business in a short amount of time. The company saw revenue increase rapidly through the utilization of different advanced internet marketing techniques.

EternalSparkles.com success is a showcase of Cybertegic’s customized approach to business development and marketing solutions.

  • Increased revenue and site traffic through PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, and Comparison Shop Engine marketing
  • Company saw rapid success within a short period of time – 6 months
  • Today, 40% of revenue from comparison shop engine marketing
  • 20% of revenue from email campaigns
  • Cybertegic was able to place EternalSparkles.com within top 10 search engine page results for keywords “fashion rings” and “fashion