With specialized internet marketing techniques, particularly PPC, Cybertegic, Inc. generated a 210% positive return on GilaTools’ PPC advertising investment over a three-month period. Here’s how:

Gila Tools is a supplier of professional quality diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. As a result of years of experience in the business, along with their extensive research and product testing, the company has become one of the foremost providers of products for professional contractors. Their peerless customer service, dedication to producing capable products, and reasonable pricing have made Gila Tools an industry leader.


Gila Tools approached Cybertegic with the goal of increasing sales through a pay per click marketing campaign. Although they had previously made in-house attempts at doing so, the results were generally unsatisfying. Gila Tools was spending thousands of dollars a month on their PPC attempts, with only a few hundred of it being recouped after a three month period.

Cybertegic concocted a more tailored approach to PPC, which sought to decrease superfluous spending while increasing relevant traffic.


Cybertegic’s team of Google and Yahoo! certified professionals analyzed Gila Tools’ business in order to optimize their pay per click campaign.

Following a full month of optimization, new keywords for Gila Tools’ campaign were chosen for maximum efficiency while ineffective ones were eliminated. This helps decrease ad spending while maintain the same or increased amount of traffic.

Geotargeting techniques were used so that their PPC ads would only appear to users in certain locations. Geotargeting helps eliminate regions that we know will not convert leads into sales. Furthermore, Cybertegic then set Gila Tools’ ads to run during times of highest conversion. By combining advanced techniques of PPC, Cybertegic specifically targeted an audience that would convert the best.


Cybertegic’s successful implementation of this strategy led to a sharp increase in the efficiency of Gila Tools’ pay per click campaign, and consequently, their sales numbers. Under Cybertegic’s plan, the company generated 210% positive return on their pay per click advertising investment over a three month period.