With advanced integrated internet marketing, particularly search engine optimization, Cybertegic, Inc. helped Lollicup® USA, Inc. grow from a traditional storefront to a million-dollar online business in under three years. Here’s how:

In 2000, Lollicup founders Alan Yu and Marvin Cheng introduced boba into their renown drinks, which revolutionized the beverage industry and established Lollicup as a strong brand presence.


To compete with online industry giants, Lollicup approached Cybertegic, Inc. in 2003 with the following objectives: Lollicupstore.com will generate $1M in revenue after two years of going online, and be responsible for 10 percent of their entire revenue. Cybertegic was contracted to develop Lollicup’s website and online store and an Internet marketing campaign.


Cybertegic analyzed Lollicup’s core business to create a tailor-made development and marketing strategy. A Yahoo! Store ecommerce platform was deployed, and Pay Per Click (PPC) and email marketing were implemented to increase online traffic to Lollicup’s new internet store, Lollicupstore.com. For six months, Cybertegic worked with Lollicup to update their marketing and company services. Though Lollicup’s order volume grew, their overall PPC ad spending was also increasing due to additional competition within the beverage supplier market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To increase brand power and revenue within a limited budget, as well as decrease PPC spending, Cybertegic deployed search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which keywords are selected for site content in order increase a website’s presence and page ranking among search engine page results. Through strategic SEO, Cybertegic was able to successfully place Lollicup among the top 10 of Google’s search engine page results for keywords, such as “Torani syrups.” Cybertegic was able to successfully maintain Lollicup’s e-commerce presence through SEO, while decreasing the spending on the overall marketing campaign. To date, Cybertegic’s work with Lollicup remains one of its most successful projects and a showcase of the team’s expertise in the development of SEO strategies.

Lollicupstore.com’s success led to the founding of subsidiary CupDepot.com, for which Cybertegic was again contracted to develop an e-commerce business strategy. Cybertegic initiated a similar marketing strategy with SEO as a main focus.

Again, Cybertegic worked within the company’s budget to efficiently set up a successful SEO campaign. As a result of Cybertegic’s efforts, Cupdepot.com is now listed in the top 10 Google search page results under competitive keywords, like “plastic cups” and “paper cups.” In addition, Cybertegic has helped increase CupDepot.com site traffic. Today, CupDepot.com receives 10,000+ monthly hits and has grown to become a leading supplier of beverage industry supplies.


Today, a coordinated effort of different internet marketing strategies – PPC, SEO, email marketing, and shopping site comparison services – are utilized to help maintain the company’s growth. After four years, with Cybertegic’s expert consulting services, Lollicup has achieved exemplary results:

  • Online sales grew at an average rate of 120% annually in the first three years of online operations. Today, Lollicup achieves overall annual sales revenue in the millions of dollars
  • Visitor traffic grew from 600 to nearly 25,000 visiting customers a month
  • Lollicup’s PPC marketing conversion rate increased from 1.5% to over 8% after the first six months
  • Lollicupstore.com is listed in the top 10 Google search results for “boba supplier” and “coffee syrup supplier”
  • Cupdepot.com is listed in the top 10 Google search results for “plastic cups” and “paper cups”
  • Email marketing campaign’s readership rate consistently achieves 15+%.
  • Lollicup’s advertisements can be seen in every major search engine and shopping comparison