Through strategically developing and managing TonerBoss’ affiliate marketing campaign, Cybertegic, Inc. helped successfully lead to a sharp increase in sales over the course of the next six months strategic. Here’s how:

TonerBoss is an online retailer and manufacturer of toner cartridges for leading printer brands such as Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon, and Xerox. For over seven years, the company has been committed to providing compatible and high performance toner at the lowest possible prices. TonerBoss is dedicated to the idea that businesses are built around quality customer service.


TonerBoss approached Cybertegic with the goal of increasing sales through affiliate marketing agreements with various content providers. This, however, presented multiple problems:

Logistically, how would they go about finding each of these individual content providers, contacting them, and investing the vast time commitment that would come with managing hundreds of affiliates?


Cybertegic set forth the following plan:

  • Cybertegic recruited from thousands of content providers in order to find affiliates that would match TonerBoss’ product line.
  • New affiliates were recruited on a month-to-month basis to further increase the amount of potential traffic to TonerBoss’ site.
  • An advanced platform was used to match content providers with TonerBoss as well as allowing them to more efficiently manage their affiliate marketing campaign.


Cybertegic’s successful implementation of this strategy led to a sharp increase in sales over the course of the next six months.

As a result of using Cybertegic’s advanced platform, contacting each affiliate became a more streamlined process. The net result of these actions was a 27% increase in sales for TonerBoss. Today, tonerBoss runs two successful retail and wholesale toner ecommerce sites.