Are you looking for other ways of getting the word about your business out there? Do you think you’ve exhausted everything there is in advertising on Google and Facebook? You can get excited as Amazon ads are now available! Yes, the world’s largest e-commerce site has unveiled its new advertising tool that advertisers have been looking. While it may look and feel like Google Adwords, Amazon’s PPC platform has the advantage of driving more qualified traffic to your e-commerce website. Amazon users are already in an advanced stage of the sales cycle – they are more versed in the processes of online shopping and therefore, more ready to buy. And if they see your ad on Amazon, there’s a bigger chance your e-commerce site’s popularity will skyrocket.

Advertisers can upload a set cost-per-click bid. After which, the goods will be show on Amazon and customers can click through to your website to carry on the shopping. Will you be late in adopting this exciting advertising platform? Let Cybertegic hook you up right away. Don’t let the competition gain an advantage just because you have to learn all the steps and do all the procedures yourself. Allow us to be your partner in getting Amazon PPC advertising to work for you immediately.

Contact us now and get Amazon to advertise your products with Cybertegic’s expertise.

Net digital display ad revenues of Amazon in US
Net digital display ad revenues of Amazon as percentage of total digital display ad revenues in the United States from 2013 to 2017
Reference: http://www.statista.com
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