We all know that LinkedIn is the most popular and widely-used professional networking platform. But do you know that this seemingly too formal, somewhat dull, and nerdy social networking medium can also help you score significant gains for your e-commerce website? Since LinkedIn caters to professions, B2B business would greatly benefit from using it. LinkedIn offers a broad range of options to target your ads including skills, job title, company, demographics, groups, and industry, among others. With those options, you can make sure that the ones that can see your ad find it relevant to them.

Cybertegic can further help you take advantage of this gold mine of a platform. Ads on LinkedIn can be pay per click, which functions in the same way as Google ads. Let Cybertegic’s experts create your ads for you, choose to target options, decide on a budget to your campaign and then pay a maximum amount for each click to your ads. With our knowledge and expertise, you can count on Cybertegic to use LinkedIn’s offerings for your business’ benefit. You don’t need to do much; just leave your LinkedIn PPC concerns to us and see how the platform will effortlessly work for you.

Contact us now and experience how easy it is to advertise on LinlkedIn with Cybertegic’s expertise.

LinkedIn Ad Revenues Worldwide 2011-2015
LinkedIn Key Developments Timeline
Comparative Estimates US Marketers Using LinkedIn
LinkedIn Ad Revenues WorldWide
Reference: http://www.emarketer.com
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