Can SEO really do wonders to your e-commerce website?

In this digital age, competition keeps getting tougher so having an edge is a must. Implementing the right internet marketing strategies for your e-commerce website allows you to play alongside industry giants and maximize your online presence. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one that can help you achieve your goals, especially if done with other online marketing strategies that fit your business model and budget. Seems to good to be true? Naaah. Lollicup has the results to prove it.

Lollicup is a one-stop-shop for premium beverage supplies and food service products. In 2003, they approached Cybertegic and asked help with generating $1M in revenue after two years of going online and being responsible for 10% of their entire revenue. Cybertegic created a customized development and marketing strategy, which included SEO, PPC, email marketing, and a new e-commerce website. Within six months, Lollicup’s order volume grew through PPC and email marketing, and they ranked among the top 10 of Google’s search results with their chosen keywords through strategic SEO. Moreover, all these were done within a limited budget.

The company’s success led to the founding of subsidiary, CupDepot.com, for which Cybertegic was again contracted to develop an e-commerce business strategy. Cybertegic created the same strategies with SEO as the primary focus.

As promised, Cybertegic was again able to set up a successful SEO campaign within the budget. Cupdepot.com ranked among the top 10 Google search results with the competitive keywords, “plastic cups” and “paper cups.” Moreover, Cybertegic was able to increase the website’s traffic. Today, Cupdepot.com receives 10,000+ monthly hits and has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of beverage industry supplies.

With the coordinate efforts of different tailor-made strategies, Cybertegic was able to help Lollicup achieve their online business goals. Four years of Cybertegic’s expert consulting services garnered the following exemplary results:

  • Annual online sales grew at an average rate of 120% in the first three years of online operations. Today, Lollicup achieves an overall yearly sales revenue in millions of dollars.
  • Website visits grew from 600 to nearly a quarter of a million a month.
  • Lollicup’s PPC marketing conversion rate increased from 1.5% to over 8% after the first six months.
  • The website, Lollicupstore.com is listed in the top 10 Google search results page for the keywords “boba supplier” and “coffee syrup supplier.”
  • Cupdepot.com is listed in the top 10 Google search results page for the keywords “plastic cups” and “paper cups.”
  • The readership rate of their email marketing campaign consistently achieves 15% and more.
  • Lollicups ads can be seen in every major search engine and shopping comparison sites which includes Google.

Does your company need a helping hand too? Contact us now, and we’ll customize online marketing strategies that will fit your business model and budget.

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