Recently, Google announced its last flight out of its regular Product Listing Ad campaigns, and instead will be replaced by Shopping campaigns. With the help of the search engine giant’s newly-developed Shopping tool, merchants can now upgrade their current PLA campaign to a relatively new shopping campaign structure that will be based on the former and will be using the same bids based on the merchant’s previous performance data.

The only difference is that merchants – particularly retailers – will generally have better handling of their campaigns.


Some of the relevant features include a Campaign Priority management, which will provide more options for merchants in prioritizing their own campaigns – hence will lead to better optimization & online marketing – and will be able to determine product/brand that needs the employment of Google’s PLA paid service. Also, this will greatly help merchants in strategizing bids for different products/product group.

The Shopping Campaigns have also expanded its Performance Data Reporting. Previously, PLA’s reporting, merchants can only review the performance data through the ad group and targeting levels. In contrast with Google Shopping’s more advanced reporting, users can now look at the data using different attributes for tracking performance, such as Item ID, Category, Brand, Product Type, Merchant Center ID and Store ID. This enhancement will provide store owners in taking greater control of handling products in terms of performance in traffic and sales.

In the announcement, Google urges PLA users to diligently upgrade and create their Shopping Campaigns on or before August 31 to check if your campaign is ready for the big change; otherwise Google itself will initiate the upgrade for you. Moreover, for those who are ready to hit the upgrade button, it is still highly-advised to update /modify their custom labels on their data feed before upgrading, as not all campaigns are said to be applied to the upgrade.

Get to know more about the Product Listing Ads Campaigns-to-Shopping Campaigns transition before taking the Shopping Campaigns plunge.