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James Hsieh, CEO and President of Cybertegic, Inc. is a respected internet marketing practitioner whose expertise lies in helping small businesses grow from ground up to multi-million dollar ventures. He plays a vital role in correctly strategizing an online business, gearing it for multi-million dollar growth. Among the many businesses he has helped are Lollicup.com, Tonerboss.com, and Greengoldginseng.com – all of which are now reaping millions in annual sales revenue, with Lollicup.com on its way to reaching the 100 million dollar mark in sales per year.

Prior to Cybertegic, James was an eBusiness Manager in Nestlé wherein he led a special eBusiness task force team to create the company’s first advanced ecommerce website in just 12 weeks. He also led the development of an advanced online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that centralized all of Nestlé’s customer data to provide deep insight into a customer’s shopping behavior.

The success of his stint in Nestlé led to an avenue of untapped opportunities and the birth of new dreams. In 1997, before the era of the Internet and ecommerce, James founded Cybertegic, Inc. Under his tutelage, the company has rightfully bagged a number of certifications and has now become an authority in the fields of SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Ecommerce Web Development. Today, this pioneering Internet Marketing Company based in Los Angeles has spread its horizons and built an office in the US and two in South East Asia.

His extensive knowledge, combined with the passion for helping online businesses reach their fullest potential through internet marketing initiatives, has made James a respected resource speaker at marketing tradeshows, conferences, radio, and some television stations. Throughout the course of his career, James has been invited as a guest speaker in over 50 events worldwide. Some of his conference credits include IRCE, ASD, SES, and Digicom Internet Marketing Conference, among others. His television appearances include ETTV, CTI Television, and Phoenix Television.

Up until present, his passion remains consistent – giving all his clients a competitive advantage by embracing the power internet marketing brings. A true visionary, he believes that the only way to achieve growth is through modernization and the embracing of new technology. This, he will bring to his clients as Cybertegic is yet to bring them to their next milestone.

James earned his Masters in Business and Administration with concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

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