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Got Shades?

Got Shades’ goal is to provide wholesale shades and sunglasses that combine high quality, style, and affordability. With their superior customer service, retailers continue to do business with them. Cybertegic is helping them make their brand stronger through online digital marketing campaigns.

Eternal Sparkles

Since 2004, Eternal Sparkles has made it their mission to provide women with jewelry and accessories that can suit each woman’s style and taste. Being confident and fabulous is what Eternal Sparkles stands for. Cybertegic is helping them reach out to women through our online digital marketing campaigns.


If you’re looking for stylish eyewear that will make you stand out on sunny days, EdgeiWear is the retailer that can help you find what you’re looking for. With sunglasses that come in different styles, you can find one that will suit your style and taste. Cybertegic made sure to reach out to more customers…

Sidney Imports

Sidney Imports produces top-quality wholesale sterling silver jewelry that comes in various stylish and on-trend designs. Through Cybertegic’s SEO and PPC services, Sidney Imports got more exposure from potential customers.

Ceri Jewelry

Ceri Jewelry has the exquisite wholesale fashion jewelry pieces for your fashion needs. Cybertegic provides the digital marketing services that will make sure they get more visibility for their brand.

Mabella Devuggo

Devuggo has been in the jewelry business for years. You can have top quality products with their earrings, pendants, and rings made from stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, and tungsten carbide. Cybertegic has provided digital marketing services to improve their exposure and branding.

Pacific Link

Pacific Link Sunglasses is one of the top manufacturers of high fashion and high-performance eyewear. Cybertegic’s internet marketing services have helped them strengthen their brand and help them reach out to more potential customers.

Liuli Crystal

LIULI was Asia’s first crystal art workshop. Through the efforts of their founders Lorretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, LIULI has become a recognizable brand when it comes to Chinese art. Through our digital marketing expertise, we’ve helped improve their online presence so they can reach more potential customers.

Comeco Inc.

Comeco Inc. has been providing fashion accessories since 1983. With over 10,000 boutiques and specialty shops around the world, they offer quality handbags, belts, and other small leather goods. With our digital marketing expertise, we’ve helped them reach out to more potential customers.


Arkcotex.com started with one goal in mind: to bring customers the freshest contemporary fashions in casual wear, jeans, tops, and jewelry. Cybertegic’s social media marketing services have strengthened their online brand exposure and enabled them to reach the right audience.

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