Online video marketing that reaches your exact audience

What Video Marketing Can Do For You?

We live in a fast-paced, technical world where the average attention span of a web user lasts only about a few seconds. To an average user, watching a two-minute video is much more appealing than reading an entire page of text for two minutes because videos on your website can bring it to life with animated pictures and sounds. An eye-catching and engaging Internet video marketing campaign can immediately grab a user’s attention. If you’ve captured someone’s interest during those first vital seconds through engaging Internet video marketing, it means you’ve achieved success in getting your message across.

Why Choose Cybertegic?
Cybertegic’s Internet Video Marketing services can help re-energize your company and website with refreshing content that is at once exciting, informative, and original. We create entertaining yet educational videos and market your viral video following our strategic Internet video marketing expertise. We can create a variety of videos to cater to specific audiences for topic ranging from company and product introduction videos to instructional videos.

Cybertegic makes sure your video is created and distributed in such a way that it will be searchable for your targeted audience. Your Internet video marketing campaign can be seen, be heard, and most importantly, be forwarded as a viral video through Internet video portals like YouTube, Vimeo and Meta Cafe. We choose the proper viral video avenue for you so your viral video marketing campaign will reach the proper audience at the right time and land on the top 10 page of search results. Moreover, our video marketing campaigns are modified to fit your company’s Internet branding strategy.

With Cybertegic’s Internet video marketing campaign, you can

  • Grab user’s attention with eye-catching, exciting, and engaging video
  • Increases conversions and sales by providing rich and dynamic video experience
  • Extend your website’s reach with well-distributed Internet video marketing campaign
  • Target specific audience who are looking for your products or services online
  • Reenergize your website with animated, informative, and original content
  • Branding your company and educate your consumers about your services and products
  • Market/sell your products or services online in an attractive and compelling way
  • Reach Google’s organic top 10 search rankings for competitive keywords

Video Production and Development: Cybertegic specializes in creating powerful, high-quality YouTube-hosted Internet video marketing campaigns. Our well-produced and expertly written videos can be used for branding your company, educating your consumers, and marketing/selling your products or services online in an attractive and convincing way. Depending on the video production package of choice, your Internet video marketing campaign can be customizable with attractive high-resolution graphics and images. Add animated calls-to-action text that can drive fresh leads and conversions on your business website. Enhance the viewing experience with royalty- free background music, professional voice-overs (male or female), and on-screen spokesperson. If you would like to use your own staff in the video, we can work with your employees directly to ensure compelling delivery of your message. Our web video marketing also includes professional editing with dynamic transitions and superb special effects.

Quality service for Online business!
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